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💫Customer Of The Month 💫

Each month we will be featuring a new customer of the month. We have a few loyal customers in which their loyalty means the world & some to us! Not only do they purchase consistently from us, post about our products & share our brand but they’re also so very encouraging!

We know what makes our brand so unique is the way we put ourselves as a customer & build our brand off of how we would want to be treated & see as a customer. We ALWAYS make sure to go the extra mile for EVERY customer. So to have customers who appreciate that & go out their way to let us know they appreciate us, as well as staying loyal to us. We feel blessed beyond measure to have you! Customers like these make it all worth it!

This month’s customer is Lanetta!

Lanetta enjoys our Hand Poured Soy Wax Melts, Candles & Natural Skincare. She is always spreading the word about our business & is SOOO incredibly supportive.

When things got rough Lanetta was there and more than ready to do whatever she had to, to pull us up because her belief in us and the way she wants us to succeed is astronomical! With no expectations other than for us to be great.

Lanetta this customer of the month post was definitely a more personal one for the Owner. We absolutely appreciate all that you do and have done for us and all of your support you've shown through the years. Words will never be able to express our appreciation.

But We LOVE Our loyal customer & she mean the world to us. Definitely a customer that we will be taking with us to the top to show our gratitude.

We appreciate you so much 💕

Be sure to go follow her on Facebook. " Lanetta Moore"

Check out our website & once you become a customer you get so many perks, discounts & goodies etc.