Strawberry 🍓 Milkshake Whipped Shave Cream

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Strawberries mixed with delicious sweet cream.


Gentle enough to use on your bikini area & strong enough to aid in removing hair from any part of your body & leave it the softest & healthiest it’s everrr been 🤩

The scents we assure you smells so magical!! ✨Our shave creams are also 2in1. Can be used as a shave cream, as well as a whipped soap! A Fun cleansing & moisturizing addition to bath time for kids & life changing results for shaving !

Benefits & ingredients 🤟🏽

✅All natural, vegan 🌱 & cruelty free
✅infused w/ jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, real granulated sugar & natural preservative.
✅ very light exfoliation, enough to raise the hair for a closer, long lasting shave but gentle enough not to irritate or scratch the skin.
✅Deeply penetrates & moisturizes area
✅well let’s be honest your spouse will cling to you!
✅antioxidant, antibacterial, anti inflammatory
✅Fades stretch marks
✅smoothed wrinkles
✅fades dark spots

Leaves you feeling great & smelling great! Is everything your body needs , without having to worry about the toxic dangerous chemicals found in other brands in the store! A little also goes a LONG way!