Helping humans escape the grips of death

Helping humans escape the grips of death

Do NOT forget that a percentage of money received from orders . Will be donated to a treatment center . To further assist them in helping clients who want to get away from addiction & have the chance to Live again ! The money is set aside for now until I get the last details worked out w/ the center. I will show proof of me passing over the check as well. My business is based off of Recovery . For I,  the CEO am a recovering addict myself. So I stand by giving back . While also helping those in need. Not even just the ones in addiction.  But those in Domestic Violence situations.  I also am a domestic violence survivor . I feel like my call to duty is to help those escape the endless hell that I've too endured . I was put here to show them hope & the way out ! EVERYTHING in my store has to do or will have something to do w/ these subjects. So any support that we can get . Is more than appreciated.  I can't even put into words how much I APPRECIATE THE ONES WHO SUPPORT WHAT I AM TRYING TO DO ! I LOVE YOU ALL !
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Hey I love what your doing great work here!!! Questioning can we pay cash real money was just wondering for those who cant pay like in credit card which i dont have???


I love what your doing! I had a personal question can we give cash to pay I noticed that it was not there so I was wanting to clarify that if that can be approved or no???


Honestly , the lip gloss and perfume is AMAZING and I’ll definitely be buying all of both ❤️❤️

Katherine Smith

I know if may feel like people don’t see you as much as you think or that people don’t support you as much as what you hoped for but girl we see you ! Unfortunately for some of us it’s not even find moneh it’s just literally getting around to send it because depression weakens you physically and that’s why I love Nd support you And what your doing 1000 percent . For someone that started taking off in the middle of A damn pandemic I think your doing amazingly well!!! And not only what your doing for the community is great great but your nail work and your products are just as great 💯

Brandi Rhoades

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