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Bare Minimum Whipped Body Butter

Bare Minimum Whipped Body Butter

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Relax and enjoy ultra-hydrated skin with our Bare Minimum Whipped Body Butter. Our simple, two-ingredient formula with natural Shea butter and Avocado oil provides intense hydration without any additives. Perfect for sensitive skin, this butter will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished, while aiding in the treatment of dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, and more. Hydrate with confidence with Bare Minimum.

*Not intended for use on your face as it is a concentrated oil & could cause clogged pores 

Store in a cool area

Not for human consumption 

keep out of reach of children & animals 


Please note that our butters are oil based & once being subjected to certain temperatures can melt. Although we take extra measures when shipping our butters. Like adding ice packs & insulation as well as shipping during the week to avoid orders sitting in transit over the weekend. There still are possibilities of them melting. What you can do to help prevent any melting is , keep an eye on tracking so you know when your package will arrive & it’s not sitting outside. If it does come melted, pop it into your fridge for a few minutes so it can solidify. Please note that when it solidifies. The jar won’t be fully full as before. That is because as it was whipped & piped into the jar . There were air pockets. If you’d like to enjoy a DIY you can whip your butter & pipe it back into your jar & it will be good as new that way as well. You’re ordering our product fully understanding all of the above & that refunds will not be provided. We take all necessary measures to avoid this inconvenience but sometimes things are out of our hands. Thank you for your support, interest & understanding!

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